The Hiatus is Over!

Or at least it is for now while school comes to a close for all of us here and summer takes it’s toll. We can’t say how easy it’ll be to update when school is back but we promise to try as much as possible!

With summer comes new summer titles from anime. We decided to see what kind of Slice of Life/Shoujo animes will be premiering this summer. Check out what we found!

Akagami no Shirayuki-himetumblr_static_5u246yt7r4cocckco4kc00w8g.png

“The story of the original manga revolves around Shirayuki, a beautiful girl working as a medicine woman who has red hair, which is very rare in her country. When she is proposed and chased after by the prince of her country, she runs away, only to meet Zen, the prince of a neighboring country. Finding respect for the young man, she decides to serve at his side as his court doctor.” (Source: ANN)

Aria the Avvenire

“New Aria work produced for the “Ao no Curtain Call” project to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the broadcast of the first Aria TV series.” (Source: ANN)

You can watch the teaser here!

“A romantic comedy set in a near-futuristic world about the troubles and tribulations of high schoolers on salary. With aims to one day reach out into the stars, humanity has colonized all the planets of the solar system. This story of young high school hopefuls is set in Fourth Tokyo in a Japanese Martian prefecture. Iris Shirasaki is a third year student/aspiring test pilot. Mizuki Sera is her peer/mechanic and Mizuki’s brother Kaito is their homeroom teacher and the young director of the program developing their talents.” (Source: CR)

Himouto! Umaru-chan

“An anime adaptation of Himouto! Umaru-chan manga. The sibling gag comedy manga centers around Umaru, Taihei’s little sister who boasts beautiful looks as well as prowess in both school and sports. However, “Himouto” (beautiful little sister) has a certain secret.” (Source: ANN)

Jitsu wa Watashi wa

“The romantic comedy centers around Asahi Kuromine, who has a crush on a cute girl named Yōko Shiragami. Shiragami just happens to be a vampire. Asahi cannot keep a secret, but he is determined to keep Shiragami’s secret anyways.” (Source: ANN)

Joukamachi no Dandelion

“In the manga’s story, the everyday lives of the nine super-powered siblings of the royal family are monitored by more than 200 surveillance cameras and broadcast nationwide. The people of the nation who are watching the broadcast will have the ability to elect the next monarch. The story focuses on Akane, the third-oldest sister who can manipulate gravity. She is shy and desperately does not want to be caught on camera.” (Source: ANN)Junjou-Romantica-junjou-romantica-7156945-1024-768

Junjou Romantica 3

In case you weren’t aware – season three is coming out this summer!

“Get ready to head back to Asahigaoka! A second season of the adaptation of Atto’s rural Non Non Biyori comedy has been announced.” (Source: CR)

THE iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls 2nd Season


“The cast of the anime of Karino Takatsu’s Working!! manga announced on Sunday that production on a third season has been green-lit. The announcement was made at the Working!! & Servant × Service Summer Festa crossover event.” (Source: ANN)

This concludes the list of what we’ll be expecting this upcoming summer! Will you be watching any of these titles? Comment below! We’d love to hear from you!

Cosplayer of the Week – Week 3

We’ve missed a few weeks with this segment and I’m truly sorry for that! I’m going to try and keep this as a weekly post!

Anyway, without further ado I introduce our third cosplayer of the week!



Super Sailor Moon – Sailor Moon

An obvious question but how old are you? Where are you from?
I’m 24 years old and from Pennsylvania in the USA!

Getting to the main point how long have you’ve been cosplaying?
I’ve been “cosplaying” since 2006. I didn’t really get serious about it until around 2010.

What really inspired you to get into cosplaying? Was it a specific cosplayer or maybe it just looked fun so you wanted to try it out?
When I initially started to cosplay there were really no “cosplay famous” people that I could have sought inspiration from. What inspired me the most was the feeling I got, and the experiences I had while cosplaying. It was always so much fun to bring to life a character I really enjoyed, and I always met new people who were in the same fandom as the anime/game I cosplayed from!


Takamina the 5th – AKB0048

What are some of your favorite cosplays and why?
To date I’d have to say Takamina the 5th of AKB0048 and Princess Serenity of Sailor Moon. Takamina is special because she was the cosplay I wore in our first masquerade performance, I always do Takamina in a large group with my friends, and I very much relate to and love the character. Princess Serenity was a very, very long time coming. I’ve wanted to cosplay her since I was a kid and finally being able to bring my childhood heroine to life was one of the most magical feelings.

Do you make your cosplay yourself, if so, how long does it usually take to make?
I don’t usually make my own cosplays. Some times I alter them and/or make accessories or props, but it would be hard to put a time frame on that kind of thing.


Lux – League of Legends

Since this blog is mainly about Shoujo do you have any favorite Shoujo’s you enjoy watching? Anything that you’d like to suggest to the viewers?
Well of course there is Sailor Moon Crystal, but I’m sure everyone knows that. I really enjoyed Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun this past season! It’s hilarious and reminds me a lot of Ouran High School Host Club some how. Also Wolf Girl and Black Prince was fairly good!

Aside from Shoujo, what are some of your other animes to watch?
Well, right now I’m watching Akatsuki No Yong and Your Lie In April!

How many cosplays have you done exactly?
Oh gosh, exactly? I don’t know if I could say exactly how many. It would likely be some where between 10-20.


Princess Serenity – Sailor Moon

What are some of your favorite conventions to go to? Any that you for sure have to go to every year?
Katsucon is currently my favorite convention, but my top three that I make sure to go to every year are Katsucon, Otakon, and Colossalcon!

Word of advice to our viewers who want get into cosplay?
I have a video for this! Please check out my “Cosplay: Do it Right or Not at All!” video on my YouTube channel!

Is there anything else you would like to add?
Thank you very much for the opportinuty to be interviewed! It’s an honor to be recognized by a Blog dedicated to all thing Shoujo!

Well, there you have it folks! Thank you very, very much to Dejavudea for answering our questions! It was a real honor! ❤ You can like, Dejavudea on Facebook, or follow her on Youtube and Instagram(All images used were taken from Dejavudea’s Facebook page.)

Have a cosplayer you want featured? Do you think should be featured as our cosplayer of the week? Then send us a message at our email! Please make sure to list who you are, where you post your cosplay pictures, and please, please give us pictures of your cosplay! Until next time!

First Impression – Ghost Hunt

Ghost Hunt 


Genres: Comedy, Mystery, Horror, Supernatural

Air Dates: October 4, 2006March 28, 2007

Total Episodes: 25

Episodes I Watched: 3

Plot: Telling ghost stories is a favorite past time of Mai Taniyama and her friends—that is, until she meets 17-year-old Kazuya Shibuya, the man sent by Shibuya Psychic Research Center to investigate paranormal activity at a supposedly haunted school. When Mai gets caught in a dangerous situation, she is rescued by Kazuya’s assistant. Saving her lands the assistant incapacitated, and Kazuya demands that Mai become his assistant, instead… (Source: ANN)


The protagonist of Ghost Hunt is sixteen-year-old, first year, Mai Taniyama. 

The other main characters include: Kazuya Shibuya, “Naru”, a seventeen-year-old narcissist and paranormal researcher and manager of Shibuya Psychic Research Center. Lin Koujo, Naru’s assistant. Hosho Takigawa, a buddhist monk. Ayako Matsuzaki, a 23-year-old shrine maiden. John Brown, an exorcist from Australia. Masako Haru, a popular spirit medium from television.

All together they make for an interesting bunch the first three episodes when the principal of Mai’s school hires them all to exorcise the spirits from the cursed, old, school building.


The art is pretty standard for 2006-07. It’s not super high quality but it looks nice. Personally I like it. The art style doesn’t distract me from the plot so I can just delve right into it.

The OP is very simplistic but I feel like it fits the show well. It’s not the best OP I’ve seen, but it definitely gets you in the mood for the show.


I’ll definitely continue watching this. I really love horror and the paranormal so it’s nice to see a shoujo with this darker focus to it. During the first episode I felt like it was kind of dragging a bit, but the second and third episodes really redeemed the show for me. I was super interested in how they were going to solve the case, and I was even trying to think of my own paranormal theories. I can’t wait to continue watching.

Laura’s Anime Journey: Loveless

Plot (Via Wikipedia):

In his first day at his new school, a then twelve-year-old Ritsuka Aoyagi meets a mysterious twenty-year-old male named Soubi Agatsuma. Soubi claims to be a good friend of Ritsuka’s brother, Seimei, who was murdered a 2 years earlier. Upon the inspection of Seimei’s abandoned computer files, Ritsuka discovers that an organization called ‘Septimal Moon‘ (Nana no tsuki 七の月) was responsible for Seimei’s death.

As Ritsuka quickly discovers, Seimei and Soubi acted as a pair involved in spell battles invoked by carefully selected words. Now Soubi is Ritsuka’s ‘sentouki’, or Fighter Unit, and Ritsuka is his ‘Sacrifice‘. Together, they challenge Septimal Moon to find out the truth behind Seimei’s murder and the reason for Ritsuka’s amnesia, and form an intimate bond as they unravel the mystery.

My Thoughts:

Okay, so this ones going to be a bit different than the rest. Normally, I watch one episode and then explain my thoughts on it, but this time I watched the available episodes.

I first heard of the anime because of my younger sister, who is much more into things like this than I am. She tried to explain to me about the fighter and sacrifice, and other aspects of the show, but I didn’t quite get it. I’m not 100% if I even do now, but wow is it entertaining.

I think what I liked most about it was that it had a romance in the storyline, but it wasn’t exactly the soul focus. It focused more on Ritsuka trying to figure out what happened to his brother, and I loved that. Focusing on JUST the romance seems to make anything, whether it be anime, book, movie, or TV show, a bit substance-less, which is why I loved that it focuses on more than that.

I also believe it was so enjoyable for me because I grew up with Pokemon, and am a huge fanatic about it. I liked watching the battles, and the battles in Loveless are somewhat like the ones in Pokemon.

The only thing I had an issue with is something that seems to happen to many animes I’ve gotten into: it ended on a cliffhanger.

The anime ends with Ritsuka’s brother making his first appearance, watching Ritsuka and Soubi from a hiding spot in the bushes. After spending an entire season trying to piece together of the mystery of his murder only for him to show up and it not be continued was beyond frustrating. I wanted to know. 

Despite that, it was a create anime was a nice plot and creative world building. I highly recommend it!

First Impression – Cute High Earth Defense Club Love!

Binan Koukou Chikyuboueibu Love! 


Genres: Comedy, Magic, Slice of Life

Animation Producer: Diomedea

Music Producer: Pony Canyon

Plot: This is the tale of five unlikely heroes who unite under the name of the “Earth Defense Club” alongside a pink wombat-like alien to defend their world and restore love to all; however, does a sinister organization lurk behind the scenes of Binan High school? (Source: MyAnimeList)

Going into this I was a bit hesitant. The premise seemed interesting, but I wasn’t sure how well it would be conveyed. Well, I’m glad I decided to watch this because I laughed so hard that I’m surprised I didn’t wake the whole house up. There’s only one episode out and I already can’t wait for the next.

First Episode Summary

“In the Name of Love”

Atsushi Kinugawa and En Yufuin are the first characters we are introduced to. They are sitting in a public bath and En is talking about chikuwabu. Suddenly a pink Wombat with a heart on its left side crashes through the ceiling asking questions. When the boys see the cute creature they struggle to get out of the bath but Wombat won’t have it. Yumoto Hakone opens the doors to the bath and once he sees the wombat he screams and tackles it, trying to cuddle. Atsushi and En take the oppurtunity to escape. Outside we are briefly shown the student council members.

At school the next day the homeroom teacher walks into class with Wombat under his arm. Later, Wombat tries to talk to Atsushi and En again but Yumoto sees and chases after Wombat again. Atsushi and En go to their club and we meet Io Naruko, a guy obsessed with money, and Ryuu Zaou, a guy obsessed with girls. Wombat comes into the club along with Yumoto. Wombat gives the five bishounens “Lovracelets” which allows them to transform into magical boys. Outside the boys see a monster chikuwabu and use their love powers to defeat it.


The art was really your classic anime style, which I liked. It wasn’t too artistic or too dull, it was the perfect balance. I also appreciate the fact that there wasn’t CGI used for the transformation sequences, which personally I don’t like (for example in Sailor Moon Crystal). I really think the transformation scenes are well done in this anime.

In the first episode, they put the OP for the series at the end of the episode. It was really cute and one of my favorite things happened, which is that it’s sung by the characters! This is something I really look forward to for OPs and EDs so I’m psyched about it. Since the OP was at the end, we didn’t get to see an ED, so I’ll look forward to seeing that in the second episode.


The first episode did a great job in introducing the characters. We can already get a feel for their quirks and personalities. Of course they use a lot of tropes, like Yumoto being the typical shota-esque character, but the characters are all likable. Wombat is hilarious and the boy’s reactions to him are golden. We also get tension rising with the student council and their mysterious (not really) appearance at the end along with their green hedgehog.


I’ll definitely keep watching this anime, and I’d recommend it to people who want to have a good laugh. It’s almost like a boy parody of Sailor Moon, without the love interests. This is very much a comedy and it’s done in an excellent way that doesn’t seemed forced.

I can’t wait until next week!

Let’s Discuss! – Kamisama Kiss Season Two (Episode One)

tumblr_nhqdt0aGjN1roj09io1_1280(Disclaimer: there will be spoilers for season one AND season two! If you have not watched either and you’d like to you can go here! Feel free to come back when you’re prepped to discuss! 🙂 )

The long wait is over, yes folks that’s right, the beloved Kamisama Kiss is back for another season! It’s been a few years since we’ve peered into the lives of our heroine Nanami Momozono and her fox familiar Tomoe and I have to say I am very pumped to see what awaits us during this season! Well? What are we waiting for! Let’s dive right in!

First off I briefly want to discuss the opening sequence, for in fact, it has changed from season one! I wasn’t entirely sure what I felt when it started to play, because the first season’s opening was really great, like I’m not exaggerating when I say that it’s probably my favorite opening sequence! But I have to say, this one? It comes to a pretty close second! It also shows some promising new characters that are to show up in upcoming episodes which is pretty exciting! (You can listen to it here if you so please!)final-episode-tomoe-x-nanami-33708925-1280-721

I think all of us were pretty furious with how season one ended. I know for one I certainly was! I mean come on guys, Tomoe kisses Nanami and then they end it? And to leave us hanging like that for 3 years is quite rude. Though, I suppose that’s just how it goes when it comes to waiting for new seasons of your favorite anime. (I know, I know I could’ve read the manga, but I’m lazy okay?) That aside though, I personally was excited to see what Tomoe and Nanami’s relationship looks like now.

And….It appears to not have changed. Putting the first scene aside at the beginning of the episode, (I’ll discuss that in a second), Tomoe seems to be just as irritated by Nanami as he always has and tumblr_nhq7veFA4c1u78xv1o5_250our poor heroine is struggling still with her Land God responsibilities. Though, it’s not exactly the same. Tomoe in just this recent episode seems more caring towards Nanami, well at least more caring than he used to be. Now don’t get upset he’s still very much an asshole (thank god) but he seems to be very much more affectionate towards Nanami (which I love).

I personally love how Mikage is being brought back into this season, he was here and there throughout season one but something tells me he’s definitely going to be more prominent this season! With his butterfly flying all over the place, I’m sure that’s a definite sign he’s just around the corner.

tumblr_nhr1pk36hq1qdebp0o2_1280Now, the start of the episode. Uh…what? Obviously, this is back into the past (hint: you can tell by the length of Tomoe’s hair). But who the hell is with him? This whole scene was great but I’m unsure of what exactly was meant, and why we’re seeing it so early on. Obviously, there’s a point and I’m very excited to see it unfold.tumblr_nhq8yrl3ak1twippyo6_1280

Let’s get back to our darling Nanami, Nanami, Nanami the strong heroine of our story. She’s still the same as always but I’m interested to see how she really develops this season. Her love for Tomoe is pretty prominent still, and I think we can all spy a hint of love in Tomoe for Nanami as well! He just doesn’t know he’s in love with her yet. (Such a silly fox.)

Anyway, in the episode Nanami is visited by Otohiko, he was briefly introduced at the end of season one and it’s really not a shock that he’s here for season two. Otohiko has come with an invitation for Nanami to go to The Divine Assembly in Izumo. Being not as well trained, Otohiko says that he must give her a test in order to see if she’s really worthy to go or not. That test being? To hatch a Shikigami – a power from the spirit world ctumblr_nhpvup3NFL1tkunfoo6_400onverted into a physical form, so it can act on things in this world.(Taken directly from the anime itself, but the proper definition is here.) Of course, Tomoe being Tomoe tells Nanami that she shouldn’t do it. And Nanami, being Nanami, does it anyway. The Shikigami ends up being hatched too early and what crawls out of the shell? An adorable monkey, who later Nanami names Mamoru, which translates into To Protect. Mamoru becomes somewhat of a Talisman to Nanami in the episode and I’m interested to see how else he’ll be used later on.

To not go into too much more detail, (because I’m running out of energy due to me coming down with a cold) but Nanami does end up passing the test and Otohiko says the Nanami may go to the meeting in Izumo.

I’m very excited to see where the season takes us but I’m sure it’s going to be even better than the last season! That’s all for now, until next time!

Abby’s Top Ten Favorite Shoujo Anime OP/EDs

Hi guys! Today I thought I would share with you some of my favorite shoujo anime OP/EDs! If you didn’t know, those little theme songs at the beginning of the episodes are called opening sequences (or OP for short). When the episode is over there is also another song with more credits which is called the ending sequence (ED).

Well let’s get on with it, shall we?

10. Free!: Eternal Summer ED

One word: Fanservice. From Rin dressing up as a cop and dancing, to the voice actors singing, this ED is every Free! fan’s dream.

9. Princess Tutu OP

This soft, beautiful, peaceful song, really fits this anime’s ballet theme well. It’s a great intro for the show. It gets you into the perfect mood.

8. Full Moon wo Sagashite OP

For an anime that focuses around a young girl’s dream to be a singer, the OP does a great job in getting people into an upbeat mood with its catchy tune.

7. Vampire Knight ED

The perfect ending to a good anime. This ominous composition and eerie Yuki is a great fit for the anime.

6. Kamisama Hajimemashita OP

This uplifiting theme will be stuck in your head all day.


NANA’s my favorite shoujo anime and their OP didn’t disappoint. They used a song directly from the anime and it fits perfectly.

4. Say, “I Love You” OP

This soothing melody is something you can listen to even if you’re not a fan.

3. Kimi ni Todoke OP

This super cute OP matches the cute show perfectly.

2. Natsume Yuujinchou ED

Natsume Yuujinchou’s tranquil tune is the perfect way to end the episode.

And last but not least…

1. RDG: Red Data Girl ED

I had this song on loop for weeks and never got sick of it. This is really the best shoujo ED I’ve ever heard.