Let’s Discuss! – Kamisama Kiss Season Two (Episode One)

tumblr_nhqdt0aGjN1roj09io1_1280(Disclaimer: there will be spoilers for season one AND season two! If you have not watched either and you’d like to you can go here! Feel free to come back when you’re prepped to discuss! 🙂 )

The long wait is over, yes folks that’s right, the beloved Kamisama Kiss is back for another season! It’s been a few years since we’ve peered into the lives of our heroine Nanami Momozono and her fox familiar Tomoe and I have to say I am very pumped to see what awaits us during this season! Well? What are we waiting for! Let’s dive right in!

First off I briefly want to discuss the opening sequence, for in fact, it has changed from season one! I wasn’t entirely sure what I felt when it started to play, because the first season’s opening was really great, like I’m not exaggerating when I say that it’s probably my favorite opening sequence! But I have to say, this one? It comes to a pretty close second! It also shows some promising new characters that are to show up in upcoming episodes which is pretty exciting! (You can listen to it here if you so please!)final-episode-tomoe-x-nanami-33708925-1280-721

I think all of us were pretty furious with how season one ended. I know for one I certainly was! I mean come on guys, Tomoe kisses Nanami and then they end it? And to leave us hanging like that for 3 years is quite rude. Though, I suppose that’s just how it goes when it comes to waiting for new seasons of your favorite anime. (I know, I know I could’ve read the manga, but I’m lazy okay?) That aside though, I personally was excited to see what Tomoe and Nanami’s relationship looks like now.

And….It appears to not have changed. Putting the first scene aside at the beginning of the episode, (I’ll discuss that in a second), Tomoe seems to be just as irritated by Nanami as he always has and tumblr_nhq7veFA4c1u78xv1o5_250our poor heroine is struggling still with her Land God responsibilities. Though, it’s not exactly the same. Tomoe in just this recent episode seems more caring towards Nanami, well at least more caring than he used to be. Now don’t get upset he’s still very much an asshole (thank god) but he seems to be very much more affectionate towards Nanami (which I love).

I personally love how Mikage is being brought back into this season, he was here and there throughout season one but something tells me he’s definitely going to be more prominent this season! With his butterfly flying all over the place, I’m sure that’s a definite sign he’s just around the corner.

tumblr_nhr1pk36hq1qdebp0o2_1280Now, the start of the episode. Uh…what? Obviously, this is back into the past (hint: you can tell by the length of Tomoe’s hair). But who the hell is with him? This whole scene was great but I’m unsure of what exactly was meant, and why we’re seeing it so early on. Obviously, there’s a point and I’m very excited to see it unfold.tumblr_nhq8yrl3ak1twippyo6_1280

Let’s get back to our darling Nanami, Nanami, Nanami the strong heroine of our story. She’s still the same as always but I’m interested to see how she really develops this season. Her love for Tomoe is pretty prominent still, and I think we can all spy a hint of love in Tomoe for Nanami as well! He just doesn’t know he’s in love with her yet. (Such a silly fox.)

Anyway, in the episode Nanami is visited by Otohiko, he was briefly introduced at the end of season one and it’s really not a shock that he’s here for season two. Otohiko has come with an invitation for Nanami to go to The Divine Assembly in Izumo. Being not as well trained, Otohiko says that he must give her a test in order to see if she’s really worthy to go or not. That test being? To hatch a Shikigami – a power from the spirit world ctumblr_nhpvup3NFL1tkunfoo6_400onverted into a physical form, so it can act on things in this world.(Taken directly from the anime itself, but the proper definition is here.) Of course, Tomoe being Tomoe tells Nanami that she shouldn’t do it. And Nanami, being Nanami, does it anyway. The Shikigami ends up being hatched too early and what crawls out of the shell? An adorable monkey, who later Nanami names Mamoru, which translates into To Protect. Mamoru becomes somewhat of a Talisman to Nanami in the episode and I’m interested to see how else he’ll be used later on.

To not go into too much more detail, (because I’m running out of energy due to me coming down with a cold) but Nanami does end up passing the test and Otohiko says the Nanami may go to the meeting in Izumo.

I’m very excited to see where the season takes us but I’m sure it’s going to be even better than the last season! That’s all for now, until next time!