Are you a girl that everyone actually thinks is a boy? Do you hang out with an all boys host club?

Are you an 18 year old girl obsessed with jellyfish and have a drag queen as your best friend?

Are you a land god in love with your fox familiar?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then listen up; this blog is perfect for you!

This blog is dedicated to shoujo and shoujo alone. Though this surrounds suggesting and reviewing shoujo anime, we will be doing a variety of other things as well, such as discussing different art styles used, the sub genres used in shoujo, character tropes etc.

This blog will be mostly reviews of various shoujo anime, but it will also discuss more technical things as well such as the art style, voice acting, and character development. Our goal is to open up the world of shoujo anime to people who have an interest, and to deepen the feelings of loving shoujo to those who already have a passion for it. Don’t be afraid if you haven’t been into anime very long (or are completely new to it) this is an open space for all. We want it to be relatable to people of all depths of otakuness.

There are three contributors to this blog: