First Impression – Kimi ni Todoke

“Sawako Kuronuma’s one wish in life is to make friends. That’s a difficult proposition when everyone who meets her cowers in, due to her resemblance to Sadako (after whom they nickname her) from the Japanese horror movie series The Ring. Shunned by her classmates, her life starts to change after she befriends her classmate, Shōta Kazehaya, a popular, easygoing and 100% refreshing guy who is nice with everyone, even with her.” (Source: ANN)

Kimi ni Todoke, ugh, what a super cute show! I went in completely blind when I started watching it. To keep the first impression of the show, I only watched the first two episodes. In the future, I’ll post a whole review of the anime when I’ve finished it.

The Art Style

I really enjoyed the art style as well, especially whenever Sawako would get embarrassed (which happened a lot). It was hilarious. In just the opening theme (which pulled me in from the moment it started by the way. A+ on a great opening), I could tell the art style would be a typical cutesy style. All colors were typical shoujo colors as well, mainly keeping to the pastel pinks and purples.

The character design was really great as well. Sawako’s art style was great because it would change depending how she was presenting herself. At one point she looks like something from a horror film. Then at another point she’s absolutely adorable and she looks more like a normal school girl.

The art style in general feels very warm and flowery. Something to expect from a shoujo anime. The animation tends to stick towards showing flowers and expressing how warm it is with using soft oranges and pinks.

The Characters

The characters are an absolute delight. In just two episodes, you truly can see them growing as characters.img_2

Sawako, as I’ve said, is absolutely cute and innocent. Her need to make friends and actually be normal is really what drives her character. How she looks up to  Shōta Kazehaya is really great, even though I’m very sure he’s the love interest, she respects him in a ‘I just want to be like you’ way. I really enjoyed to see that, because it’s a nice change from regular romance stories in general.

Shōta KazehayaKimi ni Todoke - 01 - Large 33, adds a whole new level of the boy next door category. He’s probably one of the sweetest characters I’ve experienced in a long time. He’s so obviously oblivious to how everyone adores him. It’s precious! I also loved how he isn’t easily influenced by his peers and how even though most of them are scared of Sawako, those thoughts don’t sway him on how he feels about her. The crush that he obviously has is just freaking adorable.

Overall Impression

Grab your favorite stuffed animal to hug because you’re going to be squealing over the cuteness that’s all I can say. The show is so far very light hearted and super cute. From what I can tell it’s definitely a perfect anime to watch when you’re recovering from something more intense. In short, I’m definitely going to continue watching it! If you’re interested in watching the anime, you can watch the subbed via Crunchyroll.


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