Intro to Otome Games

What are otome games?

Otome games are video games (mostly from Japan) that are directed towards a female audience. “Otome gemu” translates to “girl game”. Otome is pretty much the shoujo of video games.

What kind of games are usually otome?

The most popular kind of otome game genre would have to be the dating sim. The player plays as a girl and goes through the game vying for the love of her favorite guy, since there’s usually several.

The style and art are similar to shoujo manga/anime, but the plot is different. It has less substance and is more like a harem.

Throughout the game you can go through different “routes” for different characters or different story lines. There are even different endings too. You can get a “good end” or “bad end”.

Some otome games are plot based though, like visual novels. Starry Sky ~in Spring~.jpgYou can still take different routes on these games but they are focused on telling a story, instead of the focus being on getting the hottie patottie anime guy.

What are some popular otome games?

Some popular otome games include:

Alice in the Country of Hearts, Amnesia, Angelique, Brothers Conflict, Diabolik Lovers, Fatal Hearts, Hakuoki, Hiiro no Kakera, Kiniro no Corda, Princess Debut, Shall We Date?, Starry Sky, and Uta no Prince-sama.

Hey, I recognize some of those titles from anime/manga! What’s up with that?

Nana-gameWell you’re a sharp one. Yes, when otome games are popular it’s not uncommon for them to be made into manga/anime! It works vice-versa as well. When an anime/manga is popular sometimes they’ll make a game out of it.

For example, they made a video game for NANA. In the game you live next to the two Nana’s apartment. You get to meet some of the characters and date some of they guys. You can also get a job, shop, decorate, etc.

On the flip side, Amnesia, started out as a PSP game. Amnesia visual novel cover.jpgIt was popular and they came out with two games before they aired the anime in 2013.

In Amnesia, you play as a girl who has lost her memories. You go through different routes based on which character you want to end up with. The boys in this are represented by suit symbols from card decks and it’s really cool.

What platforms are otome games on?

You can pretty much get otome games on any device. The easiest ones that are most readily available though would be through PC and PlayStation products.


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