Laura’s Journey: My Little Monster

This week, I watched My Little Monster. 

I really enjoyed how the episode was introduced; it caught my attention right away and I wanted to know what all those ‘hims’ and ‘hers’ had to do with the story, since it’s something  Shizuku Mizutani says she has to talk about.

When Haru Yoshida, fist showed up on the screen and we got a first glimpse of what he’s like, and Shizuku decides her first impression is that he’s ‘disturbing’ the only thing I could think was same. There have been some weird ways a character is introduced in anime, but jumping right out of a freaking window is probably the strangest way I’ve seen so far.

my little monster


I wasn’t sure if I was going to like him at first. When he first called Shizuku his friend, I first thought nope, no don’t do it, abort mission, he’s dangerous. And, well, I wasn’t wrong, considering once she convinces him to go back to school all he does is get into fights.

This feeling only furthered when Haru’s “friends” used him for his money while he was out with Shizuku and she tried to tell him that they weren’t good friends if they were going to treat him like that. He reacted by dumping his drink on her and calling her a bad person.

As we get to know him more, I feel a little bad for him. He doesn’t seem to have any ‘real’ friends and everyone is scared of him, because he got into a fight with a few upper-classmen and won.

my little monster 2Shizuku is urged by a teacher to continue to talk to him so she can get him back into school. If he keeps skipping, he’ll be expelled. Shizuku originally refuses, because she finds friendship to be a waste of time. I thought this to be a bit cold hearted, but could understand; if I was put in that place, I don’t think I’d want to hang around him either.

However, she gives it a chance and even stands up for him when his “friends” say some rude stuff behind his back. She gets him back into school and gets used to his weird ways.

When the first episode came to an end, and everything turned out nice and extremely adorable, I was sad that the episode ended. I definitely enjoyed this one!


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