Laura’s Journey: Anohana

I watched the first episode of Anohana.

I’ll admit, I was a little freaked out about the boob talk going on outside of Jintan’s house, and was kind of put off by his ‘women are stupid’ comment. 

As time went on, though, and I realized what he had to deal with Menma, I felt a bit bad for him. At first I thought she was his little sister because, being an older sibling myself, I understood the annoyance. When Menma thanked Jintan’s father for letting her stay, I began to think she was just an annoying relative that had come to stay for a visit.

As it progressed, I slowly caught on to Menma’s whole, not being alive thing. My sympathy for Jintan quickly switched to sympathy for Menma. She didn’t really seem to understand that she was dead, or that that was why her friends couldn’t see her. It was kind of heartbreaking to watch her face fall every time her old friends didn’t acknowledge her.

It kind of frustrated me that Jintan only saw her as a hallucination. I mean, I get it, most, if not all, of us are brought up to not believe in things like monsters and ghosts, but it was still hard to hear him repeatedly call her a hallucination. I also kind of wanted to shake him and tell him that it’s pretty obvious that what she wants/needs from him is for her wish to come true, not for an apology. (Though, I definitely think she deserves one, I mean he called her ugly; that’s not exactly nice.)

The first episode was nice, and made me really care about the characters quickly. I made a small whining noise when Menma visited her family and her mom set out food for her, despite her having been deceased for what seems like a few years. It was heart-wrenching (which is great, because I live off of stuff like that.) and entertaining.

I know I’ve only ever done one other one, but this one is my favorite so far.


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