A Recommendation: Princess Jellyfish


Princess Jellyfish

A recommendation by yours truly: Sara

You never really know what to expect when you start watching a show that has the title Jellyfish in it. Personally, I expected to see a girl dressed up in a jellyfish costume with a cardboard crown on her head dancing. But alas that wasn’t the case, and I’m so glad that I didn’t get what I wanted.

From the description; “A timid artist living with other social misfits in a women-only apartment building brings home a stylish beauty who is actually a man in disguise.” (A nice and simple description, thanks to Netflix.) It’s hard to really fully understand what you’re getting into, but that’s usually 100% okay when it comes to starting to watching a whole new anime.

There are a few facts that we do know and need to look out for and expect before watching this show. One, the main character is a girl and is said to be very shy and also an artist. Not much, but it’s enough to keep us hooked I suppose. Two, she lives with other awkward women in a women only apartment. And three, there is most definitely going to be some wonderful drag queen/cross dressing action going on throughout this show.

For you non-spoilery folks, I’m going to give you my brief thoughts on what exactly I thought of Princess Jellyfish. It was freaking adorable, and perfect for people who are looking for something really, really weird to watch. If you like cross dressing men, this show is for you. If you like Jellyfish and hearing people gush about different types, this show is most definitely for you. If you like inner monologues to mothers, Oh god yes, this show is for you! But in all seriousness, this anime is wonderful and super light-hearted and just really great to watch when you’re really feeling down in the dumps.

If you wish to be spoiled on the pilot: Read On

The pilot, titled; Sex and the Sisterhood, starts us off in Tokyo, Japan. We see plenty of stylish women and men walking through the streets, talking on cellphones etc. As we truly see what world we’ve gotten ourselves into, we see Tsukimi Kurashita, our shy, timid, and artistic heroine, as the description has told us, with her hair messily pulled up in braids and wearing red glasses She wanders the streets of Tokyo and has an inner monologue that is directed towards her mother who, fyi, we find out is dead (it’s implied that it’s cancer but we’re never given the true explanation).

Tsukimi, after giving her inner monologue about moving to Tokyo and a word or two about Jellyfish, becomes too freaked out by all the “Stylish” (that’s what she and her roommates call normal people) and goes home.

Not much happens besides introducing us to the four other characters we have not yet met. There is Chieko, a woman in her 30’s who’s incredibly obsessed with wearing traditional Japanese clothing and dolls, yes, dolls (I know it’s creepy). Then we have Mayaya, a woman who is obsessed with an action show about warriors and constantly makes references to it throughout the whole entire season. After that we have Banba, a girl who looks more like a boy with her extremely flat chest, low voice, and afro which gives Banba trouble at times. She, like the other two is obsessed with something, that being trains. She, as well, makes a constant reference to them and constantly compares things to trains in everyday life. Our last and shy resident of the apartment building is Jiji, a girl who is incredibly quiet and gives me the creeps but not in a bad way. Jiji is obsessed with old men. Not in a, let me ogle them way, no, in a she has like fantasies of old men. It’s actually really funny, trust me.

As we continue on through the 24 minute episode, Tsukimi heads out into the night and visits a jellyfish that she’s dubbed Clara, at the local pet store. Tsukimi does more of an inner monologue talking to tumblr_mwqjzxN0tg1smuytgo1_500Clara, and then notices that there’s a new type of jellyfish sharing the same tank as Clara. Turns out, this jellyfish, a Moon Jelly, is deadly to the type of jellyfish Clara is, she’s a Spotted Jelly. Terrified she tries to tell the boy currently working inside the shop to remove the new jellyfish from Clara’s tank or vice versa because or else Clara will die. Unfortunately she can’t get the words out due to her sheer awkwardness and ends up being thrown out of the shop by the boy.


But, this leads us into my favorite character, Kuranosuke Koibuchi, the crossing dressing  boy himself. He’s dressed up like a girl at the time Tsukimi meets him and she’s so taken by his beauty that she has no idea that’s ‘she’s’ really a he. Kuranosuke, becoming Tsukimi’s rescuer, convinces the boy from the shop to give her Clara for free, which he does easily seeing as the boy also thinks Kuranosuke is just a really hot girl.

Long story short, Tsukimi and Kuranosuke go back to her apartment and set up Clara in the bathtub until Tsukimi can get her a proper tank. Kuranosuke being incredibly tired from staying up the whole night before he falls asleep on Tsukimi’s floor, and it’s not until the next morning that she finds out he’s a boy, and well she really freaks out.

The show is currently on Netflix instant, if you have an account and if you don’t, then you can watch it via Youtube and Hulu. But I really hope you do, because this was just fantastic and super funny and just really great all around.


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